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Automatic Knife Sharpener

Model MTA001

Automatic Knife Sharpener provides a precise, efficient and safe method for honing Microtome Knives upto 140mm in length. equipped with automatic timer 0-60 min. to adjust sharpening time. It ensure a knife edge so perfect that no subsequent strooping is necessary. The knife edge is recodtioned to optimum sharpness which is so major importance to every laboratory, where material are routinely sectioned for microscopic examinations. The transparent plexi glass cover encloses the entire working mechanism and provides a safe dust and gritfree sharpening process. The knife strokes against a high frequency glass honing plate and after three exactly equivalent strokes on one side of knife edge, a cam follower automatically flips the knife and three strokes are honed on other side. The stroking cycle is repeated continually for duration of setting on Electrical Timer. The instrument is sturdy in construction and all moving parts are precision machined. All the parts of the instrument are hand assembled to ensure the trouble fee and dependable servicer. The instrument is mounted on sound vibration absorbing nibber feet forquiet and smooth operation. The instrument is supplied with the following accessories in a storing cabinet, but without micro abrasives.
Universal Knife Holder: 1 No
Honing glass plate: 2 No.
Honing glass Compound: 1 Bottle
Knife Inspection : Block 1 No.
Redressing Pad : 1No
Operating Instructions Manual etc.

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