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Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus

Model OPTE001

We at Hover Labs Promises to supply “Cloud and Pour Point” for Oil and Petroleum testing without compromising with Quality. Low temperature properties of oils are assessed by cloud point tests. The pour point is the least temperature at which the oil will simply neglect to flow. The mechanical assembly comprises of a primary cooling shower made of stainless steel sheet and stand unit with channel attachment and spread with procurement for fitting thermometer and a filling gap for including solidifying blend. A glass container for containing oils, coat, circle and gasket as indicated are additionally given.

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus consists of one each of : Bath with spread, fitted with a Drain Cock – Jacket, to get Test Jar – Graduated Jar, fitted with Cork – Insulating Gasket – Insulating Disc – Thermometer IP 1C, Range: – 38° C to +50° C – Thermometer IP 2C, Range: – 80° C to +20.

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