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Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Model HV-UM0001

It is based on the constant hydraulic principle. The machine provide tension & compression test. Load frame depend on the machine capacity. Middle slide is moving with the help of leading screw and upper slide is stile with help of two pillars. Lower slide up & down with help of hydraulic cylinder to control oil tank, pump and two wall & limit switch to auto stop. Pressure tra juicer and sensor connected directly indicates the load & displacement (elongation) in digital form in newton and kg as we set and displacement show in mm. Middle slide traveling speed is 80mm _+ 5mm per min. Lower slide traveling speed is 25mm _+2mm per min. Measuring the load with help of hydraulic pressure and genuine software and rs232 port connect to the computer.

Technical Details:







Capacity of Load frame


10, 20, 40, 60, 100 (KN)

Max. Crosshead Travel (excluding grip)  

1000 mm


Max. Working Width


450 mm


No. of Screws


2 nos


Load Measurement


By Pressure Tranjuicer

Speeds :
A)  Crosshead Speed
B) Cylinder Speed
2 speeds
80 mm / min
25 mm / min
Elongation Measurement Standard :
a)  Digital Encoder
1 mm Resolution

L.C. : 0.01mm

Load Accuracy + 1%
Grip (Tensile Test) 10 to 25 mm round grip
Supply Voltage 3 phase : 415V : 0.5HP, Single phase : 230 V
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