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Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge

Model LB-TE-0005

Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge has wide range of application and used in:

  • Automotive Companies / Workshops
  • Paint shops
  • Coating Plants Units
  • Powder Coating Plants Units
  • Anodizing Plants Units
  • Electroplating Plants Units

Alternate Name DFT Meter/Elcometer
Range 0-2000/6000/12000 Microns
Principle Eddy Currents
Resolution 0.10/1.0
Minimum Area 6mm
Minimum Sample Thickness 3mm
Battery Lowe Battery Indicator
Operating Temperature 0-45 C
Dimension 100*50*10mm
Packing Wooden Box
Weight 300 grams
Cable Yes – External
Calibration 1 Year NABL
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