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Exposure Rack

Model CFTE001

Exposure Rack is used for the colour fastness against sunlight of textile fabrics. It is designed to test colour fastness of textiles materials to daylight. The test is carried out by exposing a set of light fastness standard fabrics 1 to 8 and a set of test specimens to daylight till the desired fading of the colour is obtained. The change in colour of exposed area of the test specimens and the light fastness standard fabrics is then examined and the relative degree of colour fastness of test specimens determined. The equipment consists of a frame made of wood with a glass framed wooden lid hinged over its top. The frame is fitted on a steel stand so that it can be kept in open with the frame located at a convenient working height and tilted at 45º to the horizontal. The test specimen and light fastness standard fabrics are mounted on a specials mounting card designed to give specified coverings to them. Ten such mounting cards designed to conduct the test in accordance with method 1 of Indian Standard specification are provided with apparatus. Extra cards are available as optional accessories.

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