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Hand Held Foetal Heart Doppler

Model ICML001

This Hand Held Foetal Heart Doppleris micro controller based, pocket size Foetal Monitoring device with digital display for Heart Rate per minutes for fast, easy, convenient detection. ABS plastic rust proof body with built in rechargeable batteries.
DIGITAL DOPPLER is a screening tool to aid the healthcare professional and should not be used in place of normal vascular or foetal monitoring. If there is doubt as to vascularity or foetal well being after using the unit, further Investigations should be undertaken immediately using Alternative techniques. This is considered to be good practice and should be observed at all times. The main unit of the same is not made from waterproof material so must not be immersed. For underwater use where contamination or cross-Infection may occur, additional barrier precautions must be taken.

Techinical Specifications:
Product Name : Hand Held Foetal Heart Digital Doppler
Weight : 300 gm. (Without Battery) : 340 gm. (With Battery)
Height : 5.6”
Width : 2.9”
Depth : 1.4”
Voltage : A/C 220-Volts 50 Hz
Absorbed Power : 10 VA
Max. Audio Output : 3-Watt
Max. Headphones Output Power : 0.25-Watt 32
Probe : Frequencies : 3 MHZ
Transmitter : 234mm Effective Area of Active
Effective Area of Active Transmitter Element:
300 x 1 Minutes Examination (with Alkaline Battery)
Battery : IEC 601 – 1 Classification
Operating Temperature: 10° – 50° C
Storage Temperature : -10° – 70° C

Standard Accessories:
Probe: 1pc
Ear Phone: 1pc
Gel: 1 Bottle
Battery: 1 Pair

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