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Hematology Analyzer

Model LA002

To provide excellent leak-proof tube arrangements L shaped connectors are added to the range of different accomplish connectors.

• Sample Consumption: Venous Mode:9.6μL Capillary Mode:9.6μL Pre-diluted
• Mode:20μL
• Operation Mode: Windows operation system with keyboard mouse input
• Throughput: 60 samples/hour
• Storage: 12,000 sample results inclusive of the histograms
• QC mode: L-J,X,X-B,SD,CV,QC histogram
• Cross Contamination Ratio: WBC/RBC/HGB<0.5%,PLT<1%
• Performance: Parameter Repeatability (CV %)• Linear Range
• WBC≤2.0% 0.00-99.9×109/L RBC≤1.9% 0.00-9.99×1012/L
• HGB≤1.9% 0-300g/L MCV≤0.4% 40-150fL
• PLT≤4.0% 0-999×109/L
• Display: 8.4″LCD,resolution:640×480
• Reference Value: Baby,Kid,Woman,Man,Normal and Customization
• Interface: 2xUSB,1xparallel(for external
• printer),1xVGA(for external monitor)
• 2xPS/2,2xRS-232(for network)
• Printer: Built-in thermal recorder optional external printer eight report formats

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