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HoverLabs Portable Hardness Tester

Model NDT001

It can be used for all metals. One can easily deal with production level testing. The equipment is best suited for on-site testing of all size already installed parts. The device is best suited for material selection and acceptance tests. Also it is easy to use and accurate on curved test surfaces (R>10 mm). This device is primarily used in metal production & processing automotive, Power Plants, transportation machinery, Petro-Chemical Refineries, Aerospace & shipyard Metal Constructions Testing Services & laboratories.

Hardness Tester is highly accurate ± 4 HL, Easy to read display, Light weight, automatic correction for impact direction. Convert all common hardness scales (HV, HRC, HB, HS, HRB, Rm). Large memory with on-screen review of data, Ethernet, download to PC or print directly via USB, or RS-232, user profiles for fast change of all setting, Rugged sealed membrane keypad Internal rechargeable batteries or standard “C” cells Custom conversions for uncommon alloys.

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