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Industrial Chemicals and Solvents

Model HV-EXP5895

Solvents And Salts We supply a quality range of Commercial / Industrial Solvents Salts in bulk or customized packaging such as 5Ltr/ Kg , 10Ltr and 25Ltr. Our range finds application in various plastic, textiles, printing inks, agricultural products and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the commercial / industrial solvents Salt offered by us are: Acetone Methanol Ethyl acetate Dichloromethane Boric acid Hydrogen peroxide Di acetone alcohol Sorbitol Citric acid Nitric acid Sulphuric acid Hydrochloric acid Toluene Xylene Ethyl methyl ketone Sulphamic acid Oxalic acid Potassium permanganate Caustic soda Bleaching powder Cupric sulphate Sodium chloride Ammonium chloride Potassium chloride Ammonium persulphate Trichloroethylene IPA(iso propyl alcohol) Sodium metabisulphite Potassium hydroxide Alum Distilled water.

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