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Portable Rope Defectoscope

Model WT0003

For the non-destructive inspection of wire rope with diameter from 10-80mm, Detection environment regulated with Regulator,Detection powered by WirelessSensor System

                Model P001 P002 P003 P004
Target Wire Rope Diameter (mm) 10-24 22-42 40-60 58-80

Detection Features

  • For the nondestructive inspection of wire rope with diameter from 10-80mm
  • Detection environment regulated with Regulator
  • Detection powered by WirelessSensor System
  • Portable detection of various flaw types including broken wires, corrosion, pitting, abrasion, fatigue, etc
  • Instant monitoring and evaluation of detection with integrated Keypad and Screen
  • Built-in signal processor for portable application
  • Built-in and PC software evaluating and reporting for portable application


 Inspection Speed: 0 – 3 m/s (or as limited for Safe Operation)
 Flaw Signals: Broken wire, Abrasion, Corrosion, Fatigue signals complying with International Standards
Flaw Detection: · 99%   Accuracy of Quantitative detection for flaw (LF, LMA) > 8%

· 95%   Accuracy of Quantitative detection for flaw (LF, LMA) < 8 %

· 100% Repeatability of severe flaw signals

· 98%    Repeatability of overall detected flaw signals

· Quantitative detection of internal flaws such as internal broken wires & fatigue

·  Quantitative detection of external flaws such as broken wire, abrasion & corrosion


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