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Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge, Digital-16000 r.p.m

Model LC001

Products >> Centrifuge Machines >> Refrigerated Cooling Centrifuge »Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge, Digital-16000 r.p.m. – Table Top refrigerated micro centrifuge machine. The temp from room temp upto minus 8°C is controlled by PID Electronic Digital Temp. Controller cum indicator. – Microprocessor based Digital Timer of range 0-15 min. with LCD display. – Preset speed controls thru microprocessor from 2000 to 16000 r.p.m. – Digital display shows Set Time/Run Time /R.P.M. – S.S. Bowl Size: 9″ dia Supply complete with following angle rotor heads to accomodate polypropylene micro centrifuge tubes (eppendorf TUbes as well)

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