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Specific Gravity Balance

Model HV-RTE001

Specific Gravity Balance provides a simple and quick mean to read directly the specific gravity of rubber and other elastomers. Thus reducing labour and eliminating calculations. The time taken to find out specific gravity of a sample is only about half a minute. The balance consists of a rigid scale with specific gravity (SG) printed on standing vertically on a heavy base plate. To the center point at the scale, through jewel bearings to minimize the friction, a balancing arm is pivoted. At one end of the arm two stainless steel pins are hanging with yarns. One of the pin is attached with glass jar kept on the base. A guard is provided to avoid accidental falling of the jar during use. At the other and of the balancing arm a pointer is fixed which indicates the specific gravity of materials under test. A sliding weight is also provided for initial balancing of the sample of different weight a leveling of the base plate. Two models of balance, one with range of specific gravity between 0.9 to 3.0’’ the second with range of specific gravity / between 0.2to2.0 are available. A sample of any shape weighing between 5 and 12g can be tested in the first modal, that weighing between 3 and 5g can be tested in the second model, and that weighing between 1and 2g can be tested in the third made. In case of second and third model, the lower pin is quite heavy and also acts as sinker. Also in these models the glass jar is kept on the base of a frame, which can be slided up and down on a rod fixed to the base plate to cover the full range at specific gravity.

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