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Table Top Double Disk Variable Speed Metallurgical Polisher/grinder

Model SDP001

To provide excellent leak-proof tube arrangements L shaped connectors are added to the range of different accomplish connectors.

Engineered to perfection, the HV-DP II series Table Top version Double disk Polisher/Grinder with variable speed is used extensively in metallurgical specimen preparation to provide a mirror like finish to the specimen. Equipped with high quality durable motors and powder coated finish for durability and excellent finish. Table top design with continuously variable speed maximizes ease of use and the high speed noise free operation makes it an indispensable product to be used in modern metallurgical & material sciences labs and industries alike. Fully moulded FRP body with easy disk change design. The quick change disk design enables disks with different emery girts/polish cloths or sizes to be used in desired steps or alterations.

The all digital display and control provides an intuitive User Interface which requires no expert to master and the machine is packed in a Plug and Play ready to use form which saves user from the hassle of installation etc. It uses highest quality 1/2 H.P high torque DC motors which makes the motion of the machine ultra smooth and jerk resistant.

Some of the features of the product include:

  1. 1/2 HP High Speed High Torque DC Motor– Noise free
  2. Standard Disk Dia: 8”
  3. Optional Disk Sizes: 10” or 12”
  4. Digital Electronic speed controller and display
  5. Intuitive User Interface
  6. Plug and Play Packaging, no installation required
  7. High Speed 10 RPM to 1400 RPM– Noise free, Jerk free operation
  8. Highly flat disks and uniform motion ensures mirror specimen finish
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