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Torsion Testing Machine

Model MTM001

We bring forth a highly developed Torsion Testing Machine for performing various torsion and twist tests on metal rods and flats. Special features like torque cells, data acquisition system, digital indicator, high resolution and geared motor make the entire process of testing and measuring the torsion quite easy and feasible. With an excellent accuracy of ±1% in all the measurements, these machines are integrated with a handle that allows conducting the tests slowly for finding modulus of rigidity.


Specifications ATE/TTM/100 Nm
Max. torque capacity (Nm) 100
Torque Resolution (Nm) 0.01
Angle of twist (Degree) 0.1
Torsion speed and direction 1.5 RPM Reverse
Distance between grips (mm) 0-400
Grips for round bar of dia (mm) 4-8,8-12
Grips for flat bars thickness Width 2-8 25
3 Ph, 440V,50 Hz, AC Motor HP Approx 0.5



  • Best to carry out torsion and twist tests on various metal rods and flats
  • Torque cell are attached for torque measurement
  • High resolution
  • Integrated with geared motor for applying torque to the specimen
  • Angle of twist is measured by digital indicator
  • Measurements on LED display are provided on data acquisition system
  • Accuracy of ± 1% in torque measurement



Special comprehensive software for calculating

  • Torque vs angle of twist graph
  • Torsional shear strength
  • Modulus of rigidity



  • Defence industry
  • Railway industry
  • Research and development centres
  • Engineering industry
  • Construction industry
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