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Transducer and Instrumentation Trainer Kit

Model ETK0001

On board Circuits block diagram, Different test and measuring points, On board +5v ,+12v
and -5v power source , Analog Voltmeter to measure output, Different type of transducers learning
Input 230 AC voltage operated,.
Topics covered….
Technical Specification- 0 to 15v DC Analog Volt-meter to measure output , 5V TO 12V operated circuitry ,Test points for measuring , Concept diagrams printed on PCB, Facility to measure output voltages using voltmeter.Easy to plug and play on board voltage source, Bridge rectifier to remove ripples,
LVDT: AC TO AC 20mm linear variable transducer to measure displacement, , Microphone for converting sound signal into electrical signal with a high gain amplifier, Temperature sensor with change 10mv/1 Degree, NTC type thermistor temp sensor, J Type thermocouple: For measuring high temp with high accuracy , Sound Indicator: Provide high volume beep, HALL SENSOR: WH315 sensor is used to sense magnetic field and study of hall effect, STRAIN GUAGE: Strain gauge for measuring stress and force and O/P with high gain amplifier, ULTRASONIC TRANSRECEIVER: Ultrasonic sensor for measuring distance upto 252 inch. HUMIDITY SENSOR: To Measuring environment humidity and gives analog voltage
Light depended resister whose resistance vary with respect to light, Photo Transducers: photo diode ,photo transistor ,photo voltaic cell photo conductive cell, Linear variable capacitor (LVC).
Output transducers
Heat Output
Light Output
Rotational Output
Sound output
Linear Movement Output
Event Count/Time Indication
Voltage Indication
Signal Conditioning circuitry
Oscillators and Filters
Mathematical operations

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