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Two Shaft Gas Turbine

Model HV-EXP4424

Technical Description; The unit represents a two-shaft system with a radial compressor and turbines. The system contains a gas generator comprised of a compressor, combustion chamber and high pressure turbine, followed by a free running low pressure turbine. The low pressure turbine is coupled to an asynchronous generator via a belt drive. The electrical energy generated when the turbine is loaded is dissipated using braking resistors. The gas turbine is started with a starting fan. Lubricating oil is supplied to the turbine by an independent pump with oil filter and oil cooler. All controls and displays are mounted on the front panel in the relevant place on the system diagram. The turbine is equipped with safety devices to prevent high turbine inlet temperature, faults in the oil supply and overspeed. Silencers on the intake and exhaust piping enable the unit to be used in normal laboratories. The usage of propane gas ensures clean, odourless operation and low exhaust gas emissions. The system also requires a three-phase power supply and cooling water.

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